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Hello Everybody

I had tried to install Win8 Pro x64 on my 32bit Computer. But my CPU is a x64 based cpu...

In system details the pc tells me: 32-bit Operating system, x64-based processor.

Why cant i install the Win8 Pro it tells me that my CPU isnt a 64bit CPU???

Info about my PC.
Packard Bell
Intel Duo Core E2140
3GB Ram
320 GB Harddisk
2GB GT610 Video Card
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  1. Is it a clean install, or an upgrade? You CANNOT upgrade from a 32-bit OS to a 64-bit one. You should do a clean install. It should work on your hardware.
  2. Yeah you can't upgrade a 32-bit OS to 64-bit. That's impossible.

    If you clean install, just make sure you copy all of your important data to your flash drive. And be prepared: you'll have to reinstall EVERY piece of software that was on the PC before.

    Honestly, with your system specs, you would be fine leaving it at 32-bit. There would be zero gain from changing to 64-bit, just the hassle of having to redo the whole thing.
  3. It isnt a upgrade... I am using a boot usb...
  4. I ordered 4Gb of ram and a better video card and a better cooler... But if my CPU is x64 based why not installing 64 bit OS?!?!
  5. try booting from a DVD, and try formatting the HDD 1st
  6. thx i will try :D
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