Wireless Headphones (no mic required) under 100€

Hi there,

As the title says I am looking for a new pair of wireless headphones. Since I am using a mic really rarely I can pull out some wired headset for those occasions without problems.

What I am looking for are headphones for music and gaming, but my total limit of budget is 100€. Actually I am looking more at a price of around 70, but 100 is the hard limit.

I know the G930 and Corsair Vengeance are good pieces, but first they are headsets and second they are "dedicated gamer hardware", which is why I wonder if I might get some neat sound at a lower price-point.

I've already found stuff like the Sony MDR-RF855RK, but there are few and less test/reviews of it (amazon reviews partly contradict each other), so its hard to tell if it is any good after all.

So if anybody has experienced or reccomendations in this sector I'd highly appreciate it.
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    Get any one of these, would server you good.
    1. Sennheiser RS 160
    2. Sennheiser RS 120
    The G930's pretty good. But I wouldn't get it over Sennheiser. Those Sony ones are worse.
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