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Have XP Pro on Acer TravelMate 7720-6130 laptop. Has worked beautifully until about a month ago. Have been trying everything to find then fix the problem but not sure what it is. The system boots into windows, the user profile screen, click on my profile (and tried the others) and goes into desktop; it loads the wallpaper, desktop icons and even launches the wireless but then it hangs with not indication why/what. CTRL/ALT/DEL doesn't even work so have to shut down.
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    You can find the conflicting issue by disabling some of the programs from the startup configuration. To do this, go to Safe Mode (Press F8 on boot, should show advanced boot options, select safe boot mode). After logging to windows, type msconfig in Run and disable some of the applications that seem unnecessary on startup.

    Then reboot to normal.

    Good luck!
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