(probably) hard drive issues when trying to install win xp x86

I built 3 pc-s for all of my family. As they're not good in english, i burnt a hungarian version of win xp x86 (SP3, all drivers, updates, and fixes included until 2013 feb!) (we all have the product keys, but lost install cd-s)
Nice, i just installed 3 copy of xp on 3 different computers without issues.

The thing is, my friends also asked me to reinstall his pc. As it has to be, i went, put the cd in (checked all cables, all drives, bios, everything) and boot it up. Setup screen goes well, getting to choose system drive. I choose one, with thorough formatting. it formats the drive with no problem, then loads installation files, reboots, logo and things, then gets to the second reboot. animated wonderfully, installer gets to windows setup. And that's when the thing happens.

Installer cannot find a file on my install cd. (after it has loaded everything before)

i press ok, close, whatever, and begin again.

all gets on well, until the formatting screen. it gets stuck at 93% and nothing happens for over a half an hour (40Gb).
What else to do, a press the switch off.

I've tried with quick and thorough formatting, about 4 times, even with another hard drive (exactly the same happened), when it suddenly got to windows setup again (while trying on the formerly used hdd).
then, AGAIN missing its file from the cd. I'm not sure, but it was asms.exe or alike.

As i told, the cd worked perfectly, cables, bios checked, tried 2 different (kinda old) hdds. That computer formerly had an xp on it, with the same hdd i tried at first, and ran beautifully.

Any ideas?
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  1. Dirty/damaged CD? PC has bad memory?
  2. RandomTox said:
    Dirty/damaged CD? PC has bad memory?

    it hasn't been changed since the previous xp. and that worked/installed perfectly. cd was not worse than before.
  3. should i just burn it again?
  4. Memory can die any given time. If you have more then 1 stick, try them seperate. A finger print on the cd can make some cd/dvd players act up.
    Might sound strange, but I had a few times when it was the cd/dvd player that acted up. After I let it completely cool down over night, it worked fine the next morning.
  5. tomorrow's my last opportunity to make this work as i go abroad in a few days. i wanna make sure it will work. as the first try didn't work, i'd say that's not the cd-rom drive usage that causes this. not the drives, not even the cd, not the mobo, bios, or any like this.
    Then what?
  6. What worked some time ago, does not mean it works today. Hardware and software can act up any moment. You need to try as much as you can. If you have more then 1 stick, try them seperate. Burn a new Windows CD. Some damages you can hardly see with the eye but makes your CD give erros. Borrow another CD/DVD drive see if that works.
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