Im confuse on planning my own pc

Well at this time im still planning to build my own pc. Please give me suggestions or anything. The choice of my motherboard is Asrock 970 Extreme3. Is it Good?

My Processor is AMD Bulldozer FX 4130 BE 3.80 Ghz 4 core Black edition. ( I cant seem to afford an Intel 4 core with a high Ghz thats why i chose AMD.)

My Graphics Card will be hd7750. Which they say runs good with dual monitor. Is it a good card with a budget for $100?

I would also like to know. If the RAM card types have differences. Is a DDR3 2133 a lot more better than 1866 and is 1866 a lot more better tha 1600. Does it matter? Or theres only a slight difference? Whats the Good one for $130 budget?

And also Im not gonna use my computer for pure gaming. I would also like to learn Editing skills.

Please help me! Im quite confuse in building my own computer to be both for gaming and editing. And also my budget is only $350-400. Thanks!
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  1. I Forgot to mention, i have 2 motherboard choices. One is the Asrock 970 Extreme3 which cost $100. And The other one is Asus- m5a78l-m LE. Which only cost $60. Which is best?
  2. DDR3 1600 is all you will need, I don't know anything about AMD CPU's, sorry...
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    1600 RAM is the way to go since it will be a waste going higher since they tend to be for elitist so they can squeeze 1 more frame in Skyrim or something. Also, if you can, go with the amd piledriver cpu line which in your price range would be the FX 4300.

    And If you look at my system at the bottom right I have the PRO 3 motherboard and its pretty nice for its price and also has the modern BiOS to it so I would assume the higher end one is better.
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