How can I make my Laptop run faster like new ?

So, I am here for my laptop upgrade advices.
My laptop runs a bit slower a bit hotter.
Here's the specs : Intel Celeron 900 @ 2.2Ghz w/ 1GB DDR2 RAM w/ 160GB Hard Drive w/ Integrated Graphics. (Laptop : Dell VOSTRO 1015)
My Budget for Upgrades is Rs.15,000 ($260 approx.)
So, What should I do to make my laptop run faster.
Any OS changes ? Downgrade to XP /..........
Currently I am running Windows 8 w/ Ubuntu 12.04 in dual boot.

Can someone also suggest me how can I increase the gaming performance ?
I want to run some of the games but my laptop .................. :(
Any Help would be appreciated..............
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  1. There's nothing you can do to improve gaming performance other than turning off unnecessary software. The hardware is too weak, you can't upgrade and you wouldn't even want to waste money on such an old system anyways.
  2. I am buying an android Mini PC to work with.
    Here's the link :

    Is it good PC to buy ?
    I want to connect it to my laptop to run this PC. How can I do this ?
    Ports available on my laptop : 1 Kensington lock port :D , 1 RJ45 Ethernet LAN Port , 4 USB 2.0 Ports, 1 Express card
    reader slot, 2 audio ports, 1 VGA port (a cable can be connected to this laptop), 1 Phone line port, 1 Charging port.
  3. You can download gamebooster. Might help a little bit.
  4. You cannot connect that to your laptop.
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