My Laptop wont display on TV via HDMI

Hello, I have a Sony VPCF11J0E laptop and have replaced my aging CRT TV with a LG32CS460 Flat Screen TV. When linking via HDMI cable the input screen on the TV states ‘no signal’. My son’s Hitachi Laptop worked first time and displays his laptop monitor on the TV. I have checked the Sony manual and tried the duplicate, extend, and project options of the F7 button. None work. The Sony manual mentions about a ‘licence compatibility issue’ which I do not understand. I have emailed both Sony and LG but neither has offered a solution. I would value anyone’s help. Thank you. Phil
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  1. Have you checked your on the correct source on the TV?
  2. Hello silverliquicity thanks for responding. I'm sorry I am not sure what you mean. There is a setup button on the TV remote which highlights a number of headings including 'Input'. That highlights icons TV, Satilite, DVD, and HDMI. When clicking on HDMI button a message states 'connecting' and then 'no signal'. When clicking F7 + Fn on the laptop and 'Projection' the screen goes black on the laptop, as it should, but still saying 'no signal'. Just to repeat, I unpluged HDMI cable from Sony Laptop, plug into Hitachi and immediately TV displays that laptops screen. You must excuse me as a pensioner I find technology a bit of a challenge but I am determined to find an answer. The only thing I can think of, and this may not be relevant, my son's laptop is basic Hitachi, the TV is HD ready, whilst my Sony is Full HD 1080.
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