A10 5800k + 7790 or 7850 more better to 6670?

uys since a10 5800k is recommended for 6670 or 6570..

7750 and 7770 Cape Verde edition is not good.. bad on dual graphics.

I will use A10 5800k to 7850 or 7790 can be more better compared to 6670 which
is old gpu??

Can i pare it with A10 5800k?

a10 5800k + 6670 Turks = good
a10 5800k + 7770 Cape Verde = bad
a10 5800k + 7790 or 7850 Bonaire and Pitcairn = more better???
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  1. Pitcairn uses 256-bit memory
    all those other cards, including the older 6670, use 128-bit mem

    This can make a big difference in games that can use it.

    The amd "hybrid crossfireX" or "hybrid dual graphics" isn't worth it imo if you want more performance than what the IGP can do.
  2. The integrated GPU in the A10-5800K uses an older VLIW architecture, which AMD also uses in their 6000 series graphics cards. So the APU will not work in Crossfire with newer graphics cards from the 7000 series. However, this type of Crossfire is pretty lousy anyway. So I would definitely say that the 7790 or 7850 would yield the best performance, even though the GPU in the A10-5800K would be disabled.
  3. Why are you set on getting an apu with a midrange discrete gpu? You'd be better off with a Phenom x4 965 and a 7850.
  4. I already made up my decision :D

    since a10 5800k has 7670D IGPU that can support browsing, and its playable with in an online game like World OF Warcraft, GTA which my costumer usually play..

    I'm not paring it with 6670 since the AP-U's is more enough now a days and i wont waste my money for it as what they said. This specs that i made is for my internet shop which people only usually for browsing. The business man that told me in shop where i use to buy, says that this card which they use to sell are for business.. As of now I'm not availing the 7790 for it will cost me more.

    I will just wait for A year to upgrade into dual graphics like 7790 or 7850 which by the time my A10 5800k which will be needing this cards and this also will be in a low-low price and also the exact time that i will disable the 7660D IGPU.:bounce:

    Thank You Guys for sharing your comments.:D
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