H80 in Fractal Design R4 with stock fans

I've recently purchased an H80 and a Fractal Design R4 with the window. The case comes with 2 x 120 mm fans.

Without purchasing an additional fan, what's the best setup for good airflow?

1) Using the H80 fans as the exhaust in the back of the case, and the 2 x 120 mm as intake, one in the front and one on the bottom. I would also remove the noise cancelling material from the top vent and leave it open.

2) Use the H80 as exhaust, one 120 mm in the front as intake, and one 120 mm on the top as exhaust?

3) I'm totally wrong and you have a better recommendation.

4) I really need a new fan (not an immediate option, but I can invest in one in the near future).

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  1. Option 1. More air coming in then pushed out. Can you use a side fan?
  2. I apologize, it's actually 2 x 140 mm fans, not 120 mm. My mistake. The fan options are as follows:

    1 - Front hydraulic bearing 140mm Silent Series R2 fan, 1000 RPM speed (included)
    1 - Front 120/140mm fan
    1 - Rear hydraulic bearing 140mm Silent Series R2 fan, 1000 RPM speed (included)
    2 - Top 120/140mm fans - positions also support some models of 240 radiators, depending on configuration
    1 - Bottom 120/140mm fan
    1 - Side 140mm fan

    So yes, I can use a side fan.
  3. I'd set up the H80 in a push/pull exhausting out the rear with the 2x 140mm intakes in the front. Additionally, you might see better temps by removing the top rear moduvent, but I doubt it.

    Eventually I'd upgrade the 2 front fans (I like the Silverstone 140mms), and put the original R4 fans in the top rear and bottom (for the GPU).
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