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Hey guys,

I'm quite the noob when it comes to setting up multiple storage devices, but I am considering installing an SSD in my computer. I currently have a 1 TB HDD and would like to add a 120-128 GB SSD to my rig (for OS and a few games).
I have two main concerns that I would appreciate clearing up prior to making a decision on this though:
1) I plan to do a clean install of Win7 on the SSD and set it to the primary boot drive. Will I have to uninstall Windows 7 from the HDD to assure proper functionality or is it fine/necessary keep the OS on that drive as well?
2) Do I have to set up this system of drives in RAID, or will the AHCI functionality be sufficient to allow use of both disks while in the OS?

I would really appreciate some help here guys.
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    You dont need to uninstall Windows off the mechanical. Just keep in mind, that none of the applications installed will work though. I did exactly what you are doing (or planning on doing) when I bought my SSD. I kept my old primary drive the way it was for all my steam games and used steam mover when I wanted to play them on the new SSD.

    No you dont need to RAID them either, just make sure to use AHCI (enable in the BIOS) before installing the OS.
  2. When you install new on the SSD, remove all the other drives (except for the DVD). After the install is done, you can reconnect them.
  3. ^ That too, since you will technically have a bootable drive in the machine if you dont take out the HDD. Once you're done with the install, set the boot priority to SSD>>CDROM>>HDD
  4. I'm glad you brought up AHCI. This functionality is often overlooked and has big performance advantages.

    I recommend what you suggested: make the SSD drive your OS bootable drive and primary drive. The one issue about having a mechanical drive is that it has a very prone to slowing down and eventually dying over the years and over how many writes (hence mechanical drive). I don't recommend putting anything or keeping anything of importance (program or app wise) on your mechanical HD. You will notice a huge performance boost when using an SSD.

    As for RAID, I highly discourage doing that between your SSD and HD as they will perform at the slowest speed of the two drives, i.e. your mechanical HD. Also, your mechanical HD will undoubtedly get faulty and your RAID will be useless.

    I recomend that you slowly phase out your HD and stick with SSD's from here on out :)
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