What is the best graphics card with one 6-pin power supply only?

As title says,
I have 2 spare 4pin molex's from my PSU and I'm going to buy an adapter to make them 1 6-pin one.

What's the best card that only takes the 6-pin power?

Extra question: With the new GFX card and my i5 760 what FPS can I expect on games such as GW2? (my current 7750 struggles with this game)
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  1. what power supply?
  2. swifty_morgan said:
    what power supply?

  3. The model would be helpful. It is odd that at 500w doesn't have a pcie wire which makes me believe it is bad quality and shouldn't use a higher card. To answer your question, the 7870 is the highest with only a single 6 pin but some of them have 2-6 pin so make sure the card you get only has one. Here are some gw2 benchmarks.,3268-6.html
  4. not enough ps imo.
  5. That is pretty much a 300w psu which explains the absent pcie cable.
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