xfx radeon 6670 1gb gddr5 card

anyone have this card xfx radeon hd 1gb gddr5 6670 ,

i want to know about this card....good or bad.........
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  1. If your going from an integrated GPU you will see a difference but for playing modern games it will struggle above med settings.
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    It's a decent card especially back when it was initially released. I'm guessing that it is priced at around $65 - $75.

    For $90 - $100 you can step up to the Radeon HD 7750 who's performance is equivalent to a Radeon HD 6770. That is a significant step up in performance for the price difference. It also uses a little less power than the HD 6670.
  3. I have the DDR3 version and it is a HUGE upgrade from the old G41 chipset.
    It won't be as much of a difference when compared to a modern on-cpu graphics processor though.
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