Alienware x51 refurbished

i was looking around on newegg and i saw 2 versions of refurbished x51 and was wondering if it is good to buy for basic gaming computer. Since i don't want to have a huge pc, but something compact in case i travel and stuff.

i don't really know if refurbished pcs are good or not.

plus i don't know what the NVIDIA Geforce GT 640 1GB is capable of running.


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  1. 640 is pretty light duty i would stay away from refurbished because generally that means that all they have done is replace anything that was broken not check to make sure the other components weren't about to go bad
  2. U can build urself a small pc.
  3. I generally really hate Alienware, and for $600 / $700 you can get a way better laptop than buying a generation old refurbished laptop.
  4. i not the person that can come to build a pc because everything will go wrong one way or another

    i don't like laptops sure its portable but not my cup of tea :p + the alienware im talking bout is a small pc tower
  5. Try it :)
    You can't fail
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