Need help selecting a monitor for my new gaming desktop

My current build is shown below, i am going to get a haswell cpu and motherboard so thats why there is none right now.

I want to get a monitor for around £130-150 if possible and about 23", I play every kind of game fps, rpg etc. I thought a IPS would be best and a resolution of 1080 at about 6ms if possible.

Currently the ones I have shown below seem to have had good reviews but could you guys tell me if what you think, or recommend me a monitor.

ViewSonic VX VX2370Smh-LED 23
(like the look of this most so far)

Asus VH236H

Acer V243HAJbd Black 24" 2ms



These are currently what i'm looking at, any advise is greatly appreciated. Also my build is up for analysis.

Thanks so much in advance u guys rock :)
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