Radeon HD 5870 Oh **** Moment....

Hi Tom's
So a friend of mine has an Intel based gaming PC, and was asking me about a problem when playing his favorite games (TF2 and World of Tanks). He said he would get these weird black stripes on the screen. I told him I would take a look at the PC, and after loading GPU-z and running TF2 for about 10 minutes, I got some disturbing numbers...

His GPU was at 110 Degrees Celcius!!!
I tried to touch the plastic cover and it was burning hot. So I told him that I would need a bit more time.
I tried mounting an 80mm fan over the impeller in the GPU (its a sapphire model), but the edges of the fan casing started to melt so i turned it off.

Oh, and i replaced the thermal compound with Artic Silver 5

Is there anything I can do to save this GPU, or is it time to scrap it? (warranty is gone...)
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    Most gpu cards you can replace the whoe heat sink and fan assembly.
    The issue now is the gpu heat damaged. Have you put the card ser number in the vendor warranty..rma checker to see if it might be under wARanty.
  2. Assuming the card wasn't damaged you may want to check bay for a non-functioning "parts" card.
  3. ok, but warranty is gone, already checked
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