First Build Corsair RAM: 1x8GB XMS vs 2x4GB Vengeance

Hi, I'm looking into building my first machine and I found a combo deal on with 2 of the items I want (CPU and Mother Board)

The problem is, the RAM offered in the combo is different from what I was thinking (I've heard good things about corsair vengeance 2x4GB).

My question is, is it a BAD idea to take this combo and get the 1x8GB of corsair XMS ram instead of (possibly) 2x4GB of corsair vengeance? This deal saves $70 so I don't want to pass it up if it is any good!

Please let me know! Thank you.
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    Judging by what you linked, I'm guessing you will want to overclock. If you overclock, you will need an aftermarket cooler, and the tall spreaders on the vengeance ram will interfere with the cooler.

    That said, you can get the vengeance in standard profile and still get the same performance. To answer your original question, you will be better off with 2x4 in order to take advantage of dual channel.

    Talk to sales at newegg and see if they will do a swap.

  2. There is another deal on Newegg for an i3 and 2x4GB of ram. Perhaps you might want to look into that? The i3 is perfect for budget gaming as it does not bottleneck many graphics cards.

    It even comes with a 500GB HDD so you can shave another bit off your price tag.

    Here it is :D
    Intel i3 2100 Barebone Kit
  3. Thanks Mark, I might try to work with newegg to change the RAM in the deal.

    Shadow, I'm only interested in the CPU that is on the deal I was looking at. I am not looking to budget limit my machine, but I do want to save money where I can.

    I'll mark this answered, but if anybody else has some feedback then please let me know.
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