Computer randomly freezes

The problem:
My computer will spontaneously freeze meaning I cannot move my mouse, hear any sound or use my keyboard. It just literally freezes on the spot. I cannot do anything until I force restart the computer. Sometimes it will happen 5 minutes into a game, other times 30 minutes into a game.

This seems to happen every time I play any game (e.g. GTA 4, Payday, Mirrors Edge, Trine 2, even Capsized) other than League of Legends. For some reason it seems to rarely happen when I play League also it has only happened maybe once outside of a game but I can't confirm there was no instance of a lesser game such as Osu! running.

You can find all of my detailed systems information HERE

I have two monitors and a single 7970 graphics card. One runs from VGA and the other DVI. Also I've noticed that a lot of the time the game I'm playing (Other than league) feels very choppy, especially the more high demanding ones such as GTA IV even though my graphics card should be able to easily cope. I really feel it under performs in every game, it seems my previous graphics card (GTS 250) performed better although I hadn't played many games on it, it curiously gave more FPS on League than my 7970 does.

I have tested multiple drivers, old and new and this problem occurs regardless so I am sticking to the latest drivers.

I have also tried updating my BIOS, this did not help towards the issue.

I have changed the RAM slots and ran Memtest, again to no avail.

Please ask me anything I can do to help resolve this infuriating issue.
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  1. I can't see this being a heat issue, but I'll pay more attention to the temperatures while playing games.
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