ECS G31T-M7 onboard audio VS SB Audigy 4 SE

I saw some SB Audigy S4 (secondhand) which were priced at about $10. I was thinking of buying it because the sound coming from my speakers sound pretty crappy when it is plugged-in on my desktop (which is not the case when it is plugged-in on my laptop). Is the change from onboard to PCI soundcard worth it?
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    It depends on what your looking for.For example if you only have a pair of cheap computer speakers no it's not worth spending money on a card.But on the other hand if you ever bump into say a second hand pair of 5.1 speaker system then maybe it's worth your while. But if your able to find a 5.1 system plus a decent 5.1 sound card then there's many ways to improve the sound quality. As for a 5.1 system if your willing to take a chance e-bay are selling used logitech Z-5500 for $200 I'd never use to deal with E-bay but now with the way it works if you buys anything on e-bay and it don't work E-bay pays up...
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