Not enough power to my gpu?

I'm overclocking my gpu, and my overclock is stable, but on gpuz it always has spikes on the "perfcap reason" under "Pwr" and VRel and VOp. Mainly Pwr though, and i see it underclocks my gpu clock speed whenever it does, so i can only assume that my gpu isnt getting enough power, but i have a 650W 80 plus bronze psu, and my gpu is gtx 660 ti. What can i do?
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  1. Who makers your psu -\ - exact model.
  2. It's an antec 650W green
  3. What are your temps?
  4. On the graphics card? I've never seen it get above 65, usually hovering around 60-62
  5. If not OCed - will it operate normally? Played with the voltages?
  6. Yeah, I mean even now I was just playing Alan wake, and it seemed fine, fram rate dipped into the 40s for some reason sometimes though, it's just that even when playing a game on gpuz it tells me that the power is capping my performance in certain spikes, along with Vrel and VOp at all times
  7. Are you OCing core & memory? Memory is likely to have less effect - dial it back & play with core frequency. Do you use MSI Afterburner?
  8. Yeah I am, I got like +120 MHz on core and +550 MHz on memory, how much should I go?
  9. Try no OC on the memory - the core is trial - not all gpus will OC the same. Start at 100MHz & go up slowly - increments of 50MHZ and look at your temps in Afterburner.
  10. yeah thats what i did on the memory until i got to a stable 600 MHz overclock, then when i combined them i dialed it back to 550 MHz, now im going to try 500 MHz and see if that helps at all, but is it because im not supplying it with enough voltage?
  11. More Voltage generally gives higher clock - at the expense of power dissipation. Keeping your memory clock lower may help keep your power lower which in turn may allow you to go higher on the core clock.
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