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System Boots and Shuts Down

Last response: in Motherboards
May 30, 2013 5:09:31 AM

I have a system that I just built and I'm stuck as I am unable to identify the problem but I am virtually certain it is a faulty component, either the motherboard or the CPU, I'm just not able to figure out how to determine which is bad.

The specs:
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H77N-WIFI
CPU: Intel i3-2100T with stock low profile cooler
Memory: G.SKILL F3-10600CL9D-4GBPK (2x 2GB DDR3 1333)
PSU: 250w PSU that comes with the APEX MI-008 case
Drives: 1x ASUS BD-ROM, 1x Crucial 64GB SSD, 1x WD 5200rpm 750GB 2.5" hard drive
GPU: No external video, using CPU on-board video (Intel HD2000)

What's happen:

    System originally booted final, OS was loaded and ran well for 2 days.
    The next day, I tried to start it up and there was no video, but all fans were running. I did heard 1 short beep at startup, so I am pretty sure it POSTed.
    I tried to reboot and this time did not get any beeps, but the fans were running.
    I removed 1 DIMM and tried again with no change (no beeps, no video, but fans were running)
    I tried several more times with different combinations of the DIMMs in each slot and the result was still the same (no beeps, no video, but fans were running).
    I couldn't spend too much time so I left it for after work, and when I got back, I tried once more and the fans spun up briefly and then shut down
    So I disassembled everything and tried again back on my desk (on the cardboard box). I tried just the CPU and cooler and I had the same result as I just got while still inside the case (fans start but shut down after about 3 seconds).
    So I took the PSU out of another system that is not being used (Antec EarthWatts EA-380D) and tried it with just the CPU and cooler and there was no change.

So now I am unsure what to try next. I've come to the conclusion that either the Motherboard or the CPU is faulty. The CPU came from another system and was working then, and the motherboard is brand new. Given the fact that it is/was a good CPU, it seems more likely that it is the motherboard.

So I have 2 questions:

    Is there something else I should try before RMAing either component?
    IS there a good way to determine which component is faulty?

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