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I have just installed windows 8 on a partition so I can keep windows 7 and on the drive with windows 7 I have paid Mcafee and Malwarebytes subscriptions, is there any way that I can get these on both partitions without having to pay again or will they see it as two partitions is two different computers?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Your antivirus subscription runs only windows 7 OS. I think you have to contact McAfee anti virus support for a better solution.
  2. Thanks for the replies everybody, but after trying windows 8 I'm thinking of deleting the partition and just using windows 7, it is so much easier to use. But if I do keep the partition I think i'll go with free antivirus software
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    Great Free Antivirus to use with Malwarebytes.
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