250w TDP = 250 watt usage at load? GTX 780 SLI OC Black-Screen

GPUs have TDP ratings, but does this number really represent how much power they are drawing?

What is a good way to measure consumption at load? How well would 2x 780 SLI do with a 1k?

I have a 1k Gold PSU, but I'm OC 2 780s overvolted to 1.2v with 106% power target, and I black-screen at +165 offset. This has NOTHING to do with temperature- I've not even hit 80 yet, because I have an aggressive fan curve.

I played Crysis 3 for 2 hours with no overvolt, +155, and had perfect, amazing performance.

Metro Last Light 5760x1080, I'm lucky to get in 10 minutes even with overvolting.

I've only made it halfway through Heaven even with overvolting.

So it's safe to say I've reached my OC limits, and should try to keep <+150?
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  1. i think 250 breaks down to around 20Amps @ 12Volts so with two cards a budget of 50A on your 12v rail just for the cards. So if you have any thing near 70-80ish on 12V the PSU should be adequate. keep in mind that you might want to test the limits of the cards individually, i mean overclock with one in the system at a time to eliminate the PSU as a problem.
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