Lenovo H320 40411GU

How can I know if my H320 40411GU has a pci-express slot compatible for installing a Radeon HD 6570 low profile video card? This slim desktop is 2.5 years old.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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    The best video card you can get for your PC. For modern gaming you really want to stay with GDDR5, the 6570 has DDR3, which means it will be slower. But it will work.

    What games are you trying to run?
  2. I chose the 6570 because it is cheap and available.

    Currently playing WarBirds and more often World of Tanks.

    Any thoughts on my original question about knowing if my Lenovo H320 40411GU has an open pci-express slot compatible with a video card?

    Thanks for your opinion on the GDDR5 versus DDR3
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    Your PC does have an PCI-Express slot, you will have to remove your old card and put in the new video card. Just make sure your video card is low-profile.
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