New Computer Crashing In Tera Online

It seems to only happen in tera randomly and I can't quite figure out why yet. There is no specific event that causes this that I have noticed besides having Tera running. The computer does not blue screen, it just goes into a loop and locks up. Sometimes it comes out of it and sometimes it needs a reset. Nothing terrible has happened to the PC and it is brand new. The gfx drivers are updated as of today and I am confused :(

Yes I have contacted the manufacturer and still waiting for a response

The GFX card is a GTX 670 overclocked ~25-30% with water cooling and an Intel® Core™ i5-3570K Quad Core 3.40 GHz 6MB Cache LGA1155 + HD Graphics. 8 GB RAM, SSD, Corsair 750 Watts CX750 Gaming Power Supply, 80+

Anyone had any similar issues?

A possible CPU overload issue has been mentioned to me but I am unsure exactly what that means.
The CPU came overclocked ~25-30 Percent
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  1. Did you upgrade to the new driver? if so that was my prob playing wow.. i downgraded back and everything is fine again.

    Try the 314.22 geforce driver
  2. Actually the reason that I did update the drivers is because it was happening. It has happened with both sets of drivers that I have tried. I do not know the original driver that was installed but i believe it was from April. I now have the new May driver installed. (at work so i can't get the exact driver numbers)

    Also the computer is very very cool and it is for sure not a temp issue
  3. one from April was a beta 320.00

    i would do a clean wipe of any left over drivers with the installer or with driversweep then try the older one
  4. I tried the 314.22 geforce 600 series drivers and the game is still crashing.

    Try the 314.22 geforce driver
  5. I had the same type of problem with a factory OC video card and a 400 watt power supply. I throttled the speed back a bit off the overclock and the crashing in Tera went away. It runs smooth as any program now and no crashes since I under clocked the card and don't overclock my CPU. You may have a power issue as well make sure you are getting enough amperage on your 12volt rail for your graphic card.
  6. My fiance has just RECENTLY been getting this issue, he underclocked a little, and it's still happening, he dropped Shader, core and Memory down, any ideas? He has GEforce GT 520....

    So what should we do, so far his core clock is at 725 MHz
    Memory Clock is at: 725
    and Shader Clock is at 1450...
  7. Actually I got same problem with only this game. But just noticed that this is happening only when I am watching short movies related to the missions. So when the movie clip is starting I skip it or minimalize the game, and this is actually working. I also noticed that if I will wait until film will finish (at the moment when the game is minimalized) later I can watch this movie and computer will not crash. I hope I helped a little.

    My computer specifications are:
    CPU: FX-8350 eight-core 4.0 GHz
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 980
    Ram: 4gb
    PSU: 850W
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