BRAND NEW Asus Sabertooth x79 - bios does not see DVD room, everything else is fine, (Boot Device LED , red light)

Hi, at the morning dvd rom was working but bios didnt start, so i checked ram, graphics card to see what was going on, then i put everything in place and went to sleep, in the morning i plugged my card to monitor and i noticed the bios is running.... but the DVD rom stopped working with my windows 7 install inside.

I updated the bios again with latest version, i tried different SATA and power cables, everything works, i tried different DVD rom and it wont work. everything else seems fine, all HDD's are working,

Could something inside the motherboard burn so it wont detect DVD but detect everything else?


I updated the bios and tried different power cables, now the PC sees only the SSD drive.... it is going worse
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  1. my solution? i sent it back and wait for a refund or the same model but working.... i dont want to be sticking with a mainboard in which i have to remove, and insert the battery every time i connect or change any device ir sata port, the mainboard obviously has a defect.

    First of all i would like to say that i did not have any info on this in the instruction for mobo and case( i double checked).

    The instruction for the case i bough, and motherboard, didnt say how i should mount the mobo on the case, i used the distance bolts becouse they fited the case, but what i did not do, is use the rubber/cardboard rings on both sides of the screw (side the motherboard was touching the distance bolt and where the screw touched the motherboard).

    Why i didnt use them? I got the rubber rings but they were too high/thick and i was unable to mount the mobo using them ( i checked again, it cannot be mounted and i dont know why they gave them).

    So, a BIG GIGANTIC FAIL TO case manufacturers that give 2 page instructions with useless information and motherboard manufacturers for making a motherboard that cost nearly 400 Euro, and makes a short when there is no rubber/cardboard on the distance bolts WHICH WAS NOT STATED IN THE INSTRUCTION I SHOULD USE.

    Sorry for caps but i spent 2 month RMAing mobo, PSUs, and countless hours trying to figure out what was wrong, I built my last system without any problems, it was 5 years ago. And now, i spent 4 times more money on this high end PC, and had to pay 30 euro for diagnosis that i have to place cardboard rings on the screws. Are you kidding me?
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