can someone help me little bit building a pc please?

can somebody please write a configuration around my 2 components that i ve chosen already?i need 8 gb of dd3 ram 512gb of memory wireless and wired access to internet(if this is even possible(?)), but i have 0 idea about how to build a pc, or brands or anything. i am building this pc mainly for gaming.and my budget is 900$.i would really appreciate if someone helped me.
my 2 core components: gtx 650ti graphics card, intel i5 3570 processor
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  1. Hey bud, I'll try to design you one quickly now (:
    Would you prefer Intel or AMD processor? (Intel is better, but really expensive - AMD is very cheap.)
    Also, Nvidia or AMD graphics card? (AMD is cheaper than Nvidia, but Nvidia are better for gaming performance.)
    Windows 7 or 8?
    EDIT: Nevermind, didn't realise you already had a CPU and GPU :P
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    here is a nice build
  3. legokill101 said:
    here is a nice build

    I second this claim.
    I was in the middle of designing you a set-up when I realised that you already have a CPU and GPU. Woops. :D
    But yes, this is a good build for you.
  4. oh you already have one just take out the processor and graphics card
    also thanks JRAtk94
  5. legokill101 said:
    oh you already have one just take out the processor and graphics card
    also thanks JRAtk94

    Anytime bud :D
    Also csabys, you should mark legokill101's answer as "solution" - he took the time to help you, so you should take a few seconds to acknowledge it. It'll also mark the thread as solved. (:
  6. thx bros i love u all lol i got answered 1 hour later thank you everyone<3
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