Is the VIA chipset PCI Express backwards compatible

I have a gt 9800 EE and it works in 4 computers except the one I need it to in, it is the ECS PT890T-A motherboard, with the via chipset, I read 2 other forums that said there gt 8800 didn't work with there VIA chipset, becuse it was either the gpu or the gpu to that chipset that isn't backwards with PCI Express gen 1.0, can anybody confirm that is it that it has been 5 months now.
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  1. According to VIA the VIA VT8237A southbridge is PCIx16 and Windows 7 provides the latest drivers, so GT8800 should work fine.
  2. Were did you find that at, and what do you think the problem is then?
  3. Found the south bridge chip info from system specs and the looked at W7 drivers FAQ from VIA themselves.

    Is the PSU in the PC not working, powerful enough, enough voltage on the rails or has a dodgy 6-pin power cable ?
  4. The psu is working and has plenty of power, what is going on?
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    Could just be plain old compatibility issue, VIA did have a few of these creep up over the years.
  6. that's what I was thinking, just happen to be a problem and the two not agreeing somewhere, I just decided to get a new motherboard and new cpu
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