USB 3.0 Ports Nonfunctional in Windows 8

I'm using a Toshiba Satellite L875-S7308, running Windows 8 64 bit. This particular laptop has 2 USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port -- the USB 2.0 port seems to be working perfectly. However, the USB 3 ports do not even recognize any devices which are plugged in -- I've tried mice, flash drives, external hard drives (which are supposed to be USB 3 compatible) and a whole host of other things. The ports are powered (verified with a multimeter). I need at least one USB 3 port to connect with an external gigabit ethernet card.

My first assumption is a driver conflict -- this laptop is part of a scientific experiment and has some software to allow it to communicate with an Arduino microcontroller, as well as several cameras and servo motors. However, I'm hesitant to try something like a clean reinstall -- I wasn't the person who set up the machine, so it would be difficult to add back in the highly specific (in some cases custom written) software that is on this machine.
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  1. Have you installed the USB 3.0 drivers from Tosiiba's support site?
  2. JustSomeJoe said:
    Have you installed the USB 3.0 drivers from Tosiiba's support site?

    I tried, but there seems to only be a windows 7 driver, since windows 8 is supposed to have native support
  3. das_stig said:
    USB3 enabled in bios?

    USB3 driver from Toshiba @

    Same driver I saw before, so it's not working.

    I checked the USB3 controller in the BIOS, and it was in fact enabled. I was interested by the statement that 'when disabled, internal USB3 ports will function as USB2 ports.' Upon disabling the setup, the ports are now working (as advertised, as USB2) -- however, to communicate with the card I need USB3 speeds...
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