Looking for $800-900 gaming computer build ( prefer 800 )

I am looking for a gaming build. I need help i know what card i want, what CPU i want and thats about it.


i dont know what mobo to get ABSOLUTELY no idea on mobo. the i7 is a 2011 lga, do i need a 2011 lga mobo?

and full tower case o.o
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  1. you want somthing like this
    i7 is totaly overkill
  2. and that is not a lga 2011 procesor its a lga1155
  3. Cant get a full tower?

    Can i play games such as BF3 , Black ops 2 , skyrim at max/ultra settings 1080p?
  4. The i5 3570K better priced chip. It 170 at micro center with a 40 dollar combo deal with mb. Cosair n200 and n300 not bad case for the money.
    Bitfenex and cougar also on new egg have nice mid tower cases.
    On the case look for ones with cable managemt and can take gpu cards up to 12 inches long.
  5. for that i can get you one for like 1000 doubt the curent one will
  6. what about radeon 7850 card its about half the price of the one u posted
  7. not on ultra you need some serous graphics power
  8. what about playing smoothly on med or low settings?
  9. then the first build will work fine
    just not quite up to ultra
  10. If you can wait 30 days. The new intel haswell and the newer nvidia 700 cards are dropping. Some of the higher end 700 cards are showing up on new egg. Next week intel haswell CPU. When they drop look to see if the ib CPU changes in price and see if spending a little more on the CPU for some extra speed.
  11. Hate waiting.
  12. with that set up you want a corsir cx500
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