GTX 770 rumors are scaring me...

I have a 550 ti. I was going to upgrade to a good 700 series card this year for the newer games coming out. But the 780 is too expensive. So, the 770 was the card I was going to buy. But, from what I've read, I'm worried that it will be terrible. I've heard it has less performance then the 670, which wouldn't be a problem, but if I am going to buy a new GPU, I don't want it to be outdated already. Is this true? I know its GK 104, which means it's almost an overclocked 680 (Same 2 GB of Ram, 256 bit bus, etc) and if its slower, that doesn't make much sense selling a down clocked 680. Also, it is expected to go for 500$.

So whats true and whats false?

Should I upgrade to the 770? Wait for the 760ti? Go AMD?

Or should I buy a Overclocked 670 4 gb and overclock it even more?

Thanks for reading this! I don't want to squander 500$ away on a "meh" GPU.

Thanks again!
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  1. Most of the top tech sites now have full reviews.
    There's some availability here in the UK but as you would expect it's patchy with a lot of 'pre order' entries, price span seem to be close with the 7970.
    I smell some price changes in the AMD camp before long.
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