GTX 260 to a ASUS GTX 650

I currently have: GTX 260 and want to go to a Asus GTX 650
Windows 7 Pro
Intel core i7 920 2.66 GHz
Zulman 750W power supply
Gygibyte GA-EX58-UD5 motherboard
would i be able to upgrade to the 650?
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  1. or even the GeForce GTX 650
  2. Yes but frankly the upgrade will be pretty light, how much money do you have to spend?

    I would insist on finding a better card.

    but if you insist you will have no issues at all.
  3. your power supply is enough and your motherboard supports 2 full 16x pci-e lanes so yes. However i would suggest maybe going for a better card maybe a gtx 650 ti boost which is very good for the price and not too expensive
  4. ok, well my budget is like 2-250$
  5. A 560TI may be better than a 650 TI, not sure about that. I know a 560TI with an i5/i7 can get 60 FPS in BF3 without strain on all ultra settings. Plus it's onlu around $170 - $200 (From what I remember)
  6. 650 ti boost is the best you can do for about 159 bang for buck not sure it will pull ultra settings but is better than a 560 ti
    7870 ghz for 200
    or 7870xt for around 250
  7. alright, thanks for the help, hehe first time using a forum to get computer parts help. :)
  8. What i would suggest is getting the 650 ti boost and then in a few months if you have more money to spend you can buy another and run them in SLI. If you dont want to do this you could buy one now and then all the money saved from not using all of your budget can be re-invested in maybe a better CPU or whatever the next part you are upgrading is :)

    hope this helped
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