Noob: Internal Hard Drive, Question , Want to replace it

Hello, I am a Noob, and hardly know much about hardware. I have a question

I have a computer which has a Internal Hard Drive of 60gb (Yes 60gb don't laugh:P )

I want to replace this internal hard drive with a new internal hard drive.

Exactly, what step do i need to take or do?

Basically, can i simply buy any old internal hard drive, replace it and it works? or are there specific types of hard drives which will work on my PC or a specific speed, or inch or something else?

If you would like more information please ask.

I dont know if this helps , but i went on CPU Z and put a screen shot of the Main board?
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    Let's try it step by step :)
    1. your mobo already has sata ports and should support disk up to 2TB
    2. i con not recommend buying old hard drives, because you never know, if they work. Better buy an new one.
    3. yes, you can simply replace the old one and... it will NOT work! You will have to reinstall windows before it works!
    4. because of 3., i recommend to attach the new hard drive as a second drive first. If you only need the space, you can even leave it as that.
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