Get new haswell CPUs or stick with ivy bridge

Hey guys I know haswell will be released on June 3. I am building a new gaming pc on June 18 and wondering if I should go with the new haswell i5 4570k or just stick with the 3570k. I have already ordered a 7870 xt and windows 7. Is haswell going to be on sale by the 18th?
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  1. wait for haswell, it is better to check out reviews of it and then buy. and since it is a new socket, most likely the new one is the better choice.
    so just wait, new socket means new boards
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    This largely depends on the price differential. If Haswell is easily obtainable by the 18th, it will still command a premium for being a new product. If you can find a good deal on a 3570K, it is still a very good processor. Most benchmarks show that in multi-threaded applications, Haswell is a bit better, but about par with Ivy Bridge for single-threaded (or multiple, non-related single threads).

    If you get a good deal on the older Ivy Bridge, I would say that would be a good idea. However, if you plan to upgrade to Broadwell after Haswell, you might want to go Haswell instead, for the LGA1150 compatibility. LGA1155 is by all means a dead platform once Haswell shows up.
  3. This is what Toms said about Haswell in their preview:

    "pre-production Core i7-4770K is in the neighborhood of 7 to 13% faster than Core i7-3770K in today’s threaded workloads"

  4. Since you will be building about June 18, I think you will have your answer by then.

    You will buy a "K" to overclock.
    The key to haswell will be how well it overclocks and you will get some official reviews in time to make a decision.
    My guess is that combined with the better IPC and voltage granularity, it will be a fine overclocker and well worth it.
  5. ok, cool. i also read that 1155 socket will be eol after haswell launch. is that true?
  6. Wait for Haswell.
  7. Kush61798 said:
    ok, cool. i also read that 1155 socket will be eol after haswell launch. is that true?

    For the DIY market, it SHOULD be EOL'd soon after LGA1150 release. For the OEM market, it'll be still a few years before Ivy Bridge is discontinued.
  8. Awesome thanks a lot!
  9. Kush61798 said:
    Awesome thanks a lot!

    You are very welcome. Cheers!
  10. Here is a youtube link showing 3dmark11 and windows index rating

    for the 4770k 3.5ghz Haswell. Not overclocked

    Youtube link:
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