Triple Monitor Gaming Worth the investment?

Hello everyone,

I currently have the following major specs:

16gb Ram
GTX 670 EVGA 4gb
1000W Cooler Master PSU

I have a 24" Asus and have debated playing with triple monitors for a long time. I bought the 4gb version of the 670 and the 1000W PSU for that purpose. I was mostly wondering if it is really worth the investment? In order for me to get triple monitors gaming I would need 2 more 24" monitors, a monitor stand (my desk is small), and likely another gtx 670 for sli. I also noticed the GTX 770 just came out as well...not sure if selling my 670 and getting the 770 would benefit this endeavor though.

I've priced out this investment and another 670 along with all the other goods will end up costing me nearly I'm wondering if it's really worth it? I have been reading on forums about triple monitor gaming and some people seem really on board, but a lot of people say it is amazing for a couple weeks but then wears off and they eventually end up gaming on a single monitor anyway. It also seems like it could be a pain to have to upgrade two cards every time you go for an upgrade.

I have debated perhaps just getting a 27" monitor instead and saving a lot of money while still getting more viewing space. But I really don't know.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :).
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  1. You never know until you try it.

    Personally, I'd rather not know what I'm missing, and save the cash and headache that goes along with being at the absolute cutting edge. Once your standards go up, you may have a hard time going back even for a short time, and thus you're more likely to put yourself on an urgent/frequent upgrade cycle.

    Nothing wrong with giving it a shot if you're not worried about all of the above, though.
  2. I am noticing this Asus 27" 2560x1440 monitor as well:

    Anyone know how one GTX 670 4gb would run on that resolution?
  3. I have had a triple monitor setup for ~3 years now.

    for gaming, I don't know if I would bother again. not all games support it, very high end hardware is required for 1080P gaming.

    I use mine mostly for productivity, video editing and if I'm playing a game I can put a movie / tv show on a side monitor as a distraction.
    great show off party piece.

    everyone is different, that's just how I have found mine.
  4. I'm actually looking up everything about this 27" monitor at 1440p and overall I'm thinking I may go that way. I could likely still game with one gtx 670 4gb at high settings and wouldn't have to spend quite as much overall.
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    Guinibee said:
    I am noticing this Asus 27" 2560x1440 monitor as well:

    Anyone know how one GTX 670 4gb would run on that resolution?

    All of the benchmarks in this article are at 1440p, IIRC:,3519-4.html

    The 670 isn't in it, but the 770, the 680, the 580 and all of the higher-end cards are, so you can get a ballpark idea. Suffice to say it depends on the game; at 1440p you're driving nearly 80% more pixels than you would be at 1080p. You have a near-high-end GPU, so you should be able to play most anything, but if you're expecting high settings in the most graphically demanding games (usually first person shooters), you may be disappointed with a single GTX 670. Or you might find yourself pining to upgrade sooner than you'd hoped.

    To echo Hugo, it's very useful to have multiple monitors. I've used dual monitors for what seems like forever myself; in that sense, a triple-monitor (or dual-monitor) set up is worthwhile. Having the screens available is intrinsically valuable, whether you use them for gaming or not. If you do get used to gaming on them, though, they might become a bit of a money pit.

    It sounds like you're intent to buy something here, and I don't wish to discourage you from doing that. Personally, in your position I'd probably buy a second monitor (whether at 1440p or 1080p) for now and see how I like it. If you opt for the higher-res screen, you can decide for yourself whether it offers you an appreciably better gaming experience (than at 1080p) with your current graphics card or not -- and if not, you can always use the bigger screen as kind of a productivity specialist. Or you can upgrade your hardware accordingly. Or you can decide it's so awesome that you wanna grab up the monitor stand and the third monitor and so on and so forth.
  6. yeah right now I do use dual monitors....I didn't mention my 19" side monitor. It is nice for multitasking as I can keep ventrilo or raptr or other websites open on the side one while I do whatever on my main. My plan was to get the 1440p monitor and dual with my 24" monitor. I'm thinking that's the way I'll go. If my gaming isn't up to par I can SLI the 670 at that point.

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys :).
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