AMD 7970 GHz Edition or NVIDIA 770

I cant decide weather to go for the 7970 or 770. Im leaning more towards the 7970 since the performance difference is very minimal with around the same price and lets not forget the amazing bundle deal. However, with the new drivers coming for the 770 im assuming it will eventually surpass the 7970. But im not really sure since everyone is saying that all the new games with be optimized for AMD now since the consolels or gonna be using it now too.

So as you can tell im really conflicted. Any help is great!
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    Drivers won't improve the 770, its already an old architecture. The two are pretty close, near enough the same. Pick based on price and if you actually care about the games bundled with the AMD card.
  2. ^this. ALL a 770 is is an overclocked 680. The drivers have had over a year, just like AMD. The only reason to get a 770 is if you want physx or SLI.
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