Built-in laptop keyboard cuts in and out

Computer: Samsung Series 7 Gamer

Problem: Sometimes the keyboard becomes entirely unresponsive. It can last less than a second, a few seconds, or longer. Sometimes it requires a sleep/wake-up or a restart. What it feels like, when typing, is that some process is intermittently interrupting the thread that listens for keyboard input.

Operating system: Windows 8 Home Edition

Why it sucks: Sometimes I lose characters when typing, which I have to go back and fix. Sometimes I lose characters in passwords, which is incredibly inconvenient. Sometimes my keyboard stops responding for an extended period of time during a round of Starcraft, which, as you may or may not know, can be very inconvenient.

What I've tried: Drivers are all updated to their latest versions. Restarting is only a temporary fix.

Fixes, suggestions, hopes, dreams?
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  1. when did it start happening? was there anything you installed recently around that time?
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