First NAS System

I am looking to buy a NAS system.

I want this for storing my Shows & Movies, and having other systems and devices access that media. I want to be able to run Plex Media Server on it, and do all the transcoding needed. Might be used for other data backup as well. Being able to do usenet downloads directly to it would be nice.

I was looking at the Synology DS413 but supposedly because of the processor it will have less compatibility with apps (such as plex).

I found the DS413 for a grand total of $600. So I am looking for something that looks as nice, has all the apps and features such as that, minimum of 16TB of storage, must run Plex. I don't think there are any other details I can think off. Canadian dollars too. Also, as easy of a setup as possible. I am not that smart when it comes to RAID and all that stuff.

Ideas, suggestions.
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  1. I ended up building this.

    Just wondering if you guys think it will handle blu-ray HD transcoding, 2 streams without issue?

    Also, do I need special cards to do RAID setups? If I want to have as much space as possible, and be able to pull out drives and replace them with largers ones, what kind of RAID do I need?
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