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I'm going from console gaming (Xbox 360) to PC gaming (laptop) with only $1100 to spend on the (laptop, games and accessories). i don't exactly know what I'm looking in a laptop but i have a few general ideas.

1.500GB+ storage
2.8GB+ ram
3.15"+ screen
4.2+ USB ports
5.6hr+ battery life
6.3-4+ years of use

I'm not to familiar with the top played PC games and would like some input on which games you'd recommend i look into, otherwise i have a few games i plan on buying/playing (on a reasonable definition)

2.Far Cry 3
3.Blacklight Retribution
4.Eve: Online

i don't know very much about PC gaming apart from the fact that i can modify my experience, hack my games, connect to more players, and have more control than console gaming (just a few reasons why I'm converting). so any thoughts?
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  1. Unless you've got your heart set on a laptop, I would definitely get (or build) a desktop
  2. 6h+ battery life is hard to get with a gaming laptop. You may want to spend just 900$ for your laptop and leave 100$ for a backup battery.
  3. Yes I have thought about a desktop but i don't live in my own home yet, I wouldn't have anywhere to put it. My friends all have laptops of various types and they all have a different opinion. By the time I need a new PC, I should have the room and money for upgrading to a desktop, for now I'm currently using one that somebody else owns and uses as their work computer. Any further ideas would be appreciated.
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