Does RAM type matter?

Well Im buying a all in one PC and the RAM type is 1333. Is it okay? or is it good to upgrade it to 1600? Whats the difference between two? Is it a massive boost? Or just slightly?
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  1. if it is only capable of supporting 1333 and you replace it with 1600 the 1600 will run at 1333 speeds I doubt you will notice a difference between the two speeds unless you are a pc fanatic and need every millisecond.
  2. No not a lot of difference but can I ask why a all in one pc theres no upgrade path and when its done its done unlike a box?
  3. jokerxD said:
    Well Im buying a all in one PC ...

    6 months from now, you'll be back asking about how to upgrade it. And the answer will be you are SOL.

    An All-In-One. All of the limitations of a laptop (non-upgradeable/price/performance) with none of the benefits of a laptop (portability).
  4. Couldn't agree more with usafret that's why I asked why buy a all in one pc its money in the trash its only a tempory fix when you have so many other options out there why worry about ram speeds with its a all in one not trying to be nasty but in a way its silly somewhat cuz you cant upgrade them.
  5. an AIO type pc is really only usefull for an office/web browsing machine that you dont plan on upgrading. if your pc requirements are very low then this is a cheap way to go.

    however, if you plan on doing anything else you want a box period. even if your needs are low i would still suggest a box since if you did want to upgrade later you can.

    think about it like a car where the tires go bald and you cant replace them because they are welded on. the only thing you can do is get a new one. a box pc is like a regular car where you could just put new tires on and get some extra mileage on it even if the car is old and less than ideal
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