How to keep low temp on i7 3770(Non k)

The temperatures on my i7 have been quite high recently(Around 75 degrees celcuis max) I tried a number of methods to make it cooler but none seem to work. I do not want to buy a better cooler.

I tried using intel precision tool to underclock it to 2.7 ghz except it froze and crashed the computer, and on restart went right back to 3.5. I tried disabling 2 of the cores, but that did nothing as the 2 active cores still ran hot. The only effective method I have done was disable turbo boost but that hasn't done much.

Is there anything else that I can do to make the i7 have lower temps? Thanks
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  1. Bezzell said:

    But as I wait for the shipping, which will take around a week, what can be a temporarily solution to the high temperatures?
  2. there are many cheap coolers very cheap!there is not much you can do except using him more than 10%!go for a cooler!
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