I got it gg

i told u
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    check and see what happens to the GPU clocks/temperatures/usage when the FPS drop happens using MSI afterburner.
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  3. its pretty high. Do you clean your pc ? Like open the cover and clean the dust ?
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  5. Well bad memory sticks is one of a reason too. Change a new one and see if the performance decrease or increase in FPS.
  6. That's a quad core CPU, right? Download CoreTemp and monitor what happens to the CPU cores while you are playing. See if the fps drop coincides with any notable changes in CPU speed/temp in CoreTemp. For me, I had thermal throttling enabled in my BIOS settings, which automatically scaled down CPU speed when temps started to heat up. So I have major FPS drops every 30 seconds or so when the thermal throttling engaged. I would reckon you are having a CPU issue. If its not your CPU its your GPU. One or the other.
  7. your gpu usage is very low. If you have installed any lucid virtue/mvp software, remove it, it causes problems.
    also, re-seat the vid card in the slot, maybe you bumped it when you changed monitors.
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