computer freezes and shuts down on its own

I have a desktop pc I built in 2009 that has a problem I cant figure out. the PC has a Asus P5LD2 mb, Pentium D 820 cpu and stock hs/fan, EAH4350 video card, 650 watt PS, and vista home premium. The PC has worked great till this year. I use it for my home business and as a DVR, no major gaming, not OC'ed. I installed a new WD BL 1tb HD 1st of the year, clean install of vista. I clean it as is needed including HS, PS, Case fan/filter, ect.

A couple weeks ago it started freezing on me and then shutting down on its own, and causeing the boot sector to be corrupted. I can get it back with the vista disk startup repair, but it would just do it again in a short time. I suspectd a dirty HS/fan, So I cleaned it good, but it still would act the same. So I took the hS/FAN OFF and cleaned off old thermal paste and re-applied artic silver paste in a thin layer as I have done in the past many times. Still same problem. So I researched on my laptop to try to find an answer, but I didnt find anything helpful. I downloaded Speedfan to check temps and voltages and the CPU gets up in the 50-58 C range when starting normally, the Videocard was 60-70 C, all within range even though on the high side maybe. And voltages were all good. I can start in safe mode and then temps are lower and computer seemed stable for the short period it was on, till tonight. Tonight in safe mode for several hours, only using Quicken and Speedfan, it would still freeze on me, to begin with for a couple seconds, at the end for 30-60 seconds. And when I tryied to shut it down, it wouldnt shut down, had to try 3-4 times before it finally shut down. So the longer it is on, the less stable it is, which leads me to believe a heat problem. But speedfan was showing all temps below 50 C, But the videocard was not shown as the driver did not load in safe mode.

So now for my questions. Do Cpu's create more heat , or heatsinks/ fans loose ability to dissipate heat with age, after 3-4 years? the HS fan will spin upto 3600 rpm when it gets above 55 C. Will a cpu act like this if it is going bad? When the computer was freezing, the cpu useage was less then 10%. will a videocard cause this kind of problem? What else could be the problem?

Thanks in Advance,
Brian in IN
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  1. Your CPU seems normal, so does your graphic card. What kind of PSU are you using ( brand, model ) and how long have you been using it?
  2. its a V2 Chiefmax 650w 20/24 pin atx new revision
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    bks81 said:
    its a V2 Chiefmax 650w 20/24 pin atx new revision

    It's a noname cheap PSU that can only handle systems that consume less than 150w in full load. it's your problem here. I suggest chanding it ASAP, get an Antec/Corsair/FSP or at least an Acbel PSU.
  4. I will be glad to change out the PSU if you say thats the problem. But to say its not worth a crap more less, it ran my PC fine for 4 years, and the voltages are all showing good in Speedfan. I guess we will see after I change it out. Thanks for you input.
  5. Alright, I finally got a chance to install a new PSU today, and the computer has been running in normal startup mode now for 8+ hours with no problems. So Thank you Madn3ss795 , you were correct.
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