Random micro second freeze-lag problem while gaming

My PC is :

AMD phenom x6 1045t 2.7ghz
2x4GB Kingstion Ram 1600Mhz
AMD 7850 overclocked edition
Gigabyte 78L-MT-S2P

My problem is that when I play games the screen lag/freeze for a tiny amount of a less than a second randomly every couple of seconds , I didn't have this problem when I had the AMD 5670 but it started when I purchased the 7750 so I thought it is a graphics card problem so I replaced it with a 7850 and sadly the problem still happens

I tried changing everything except the motherboard , I changed the graphics card , I changed and upgraded the Ram , I updated the bios , I added coolermaster to the processor , I upgraded fron Win7 32bit to 64bit , I disabled any kind of antivirus softwares , I disables and enabled Vsync in-game and through CCC , I tried lowering the resolution and quality of games but nothing changed after all of this

So could something happened to the motherboard when I inserted the 7750 because one of the memory slots stopped working immediately after inserting the 7750 and I had to change it so that may be the case for the PCI slot ? or this case is common in the AMD 7000 series ? or there is another reason that cause the problem , although it lags for a micro second every couple of seconds and randomly but it is an annoying problem and I didn't have it while I had the 5670
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  1. Did you update your video drivers? AMD admitted that they had microstutter issues, even in single GPU configurations, and addressed it (mostly) with driver updates.
  2. At the moment I am on the Official Catalyst 13.4 update , Shall I go to the latest beta version or 13.4 is new enough ? I have always updated through the AMD catalyst update which include usually the latest drivers for the cards so shall I try to update it through the old device manager method or it is the same ?
  3. What about your PSU? What model/brand is it?
  4. My PSU is Antec 450W and I think this is a fine piece of PSU so I don't think this is the problem , So that leaves us with two Hardware possibilities : The Motherboard and HDD so could any of these two be the problem ? The problem can be described best as Frame skipping with a complete freeze when that frame gets skipped

    I Installed the latest AMD Catalyst 13.6 beta update and the problem still existed although it decreased a little but it is still available , I heard that AMD will release a new technology to erase the Microstuttering/Frame Skip problem in the new upcoming drivers but who knows when it get released , I tried some third party programs like radeonpro that they say that it erase microstutter by managing Vsync through it and cap the FPS to 60FPS but after trying it the problem is still available in somehow someway although a lot of people say it was solved through it , So anyone had that problem before with a single GPU and was able to solve it somehow ?
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