Good mother board or A great graphics card.

Hey guys, I've thinking for a while why people buy mother board which has a good graphic chipset with a lot of money when you cannot get your desirable combinations and why not buy a entry level mother board and then buy a good graphics card of your choice.Pls help me with both of there advantages and disadvantages.
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  1. Hey I was wondering about this too! My query is slightly different though. I have the 3570k on a z77 motherboard(the cheapest I could find). It can overclock CPU and RAM like other z77 motherboards, it is from a well known brand (Gigabyte) and it has many features, some of which I will never get round to using. What I don't understand is, why people would pay £20+ more for a motherboard with the same chipset when they could get mine?
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    The only new motherboards with integrated graphic chipset found on the market right now are some AM3+ boards with 760g ( integrated readon HD 3000 ) and I hardly call it good. Most other boards have connectors to use with the gpu integrated inside the CPU, or use a discrete graphic card, so I guess you're misleading between on-board ( motherboard ) gpus and on-chip ( on cpu die ) gpus.

    People go for CPU with strong on-chip gpu ( also known as IGP ) because it fits they entry-level requirement of entertainment, thus consume low power ( an important point, especially on mobile devices ). Some IGP like the HD7660D on AMD's A10 5800k APU can play just any games you throw at it, which is good enough for most people. They mostly pay for better CPU/APU with better IGP, unlike in the old days when on-board gpus were popular. The motherboard nowadays is only used as a bridge for graphic to go from the IGP to monitors through connectors ( DVI, HDMI,... ) the board provide.

    Gamers on a budget, on the other hand, only need an entry board and spend the rest on CPU, VGA, etc.

    People who go for high-end boards were because they need some of the features that can't be found on entry boards ( OC ability, high-end sound system, LAN chipset, loads of connectors for peripherals, dual-vga setup,... ) or just because they can afford it (:
  3. Unfortunately a lot of people overlook their motherboards. It is the main thing in your computer. You are better off to buy a good motherboard and spend some money on it rather to get a cheap one which does not have many good features. First buy a good motherboard and then get a gpu that you can fit into your budget.
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