What mini itx motherboard for qnix 1440p??

All the motherboards i have seen don't seem to have 2560*1440p dvi support (only 1920*1200) which would mean that i wont be able to use it with this monitor right? If i am correct what motherboards would you recommend? i was originally going to get a Asus P8H77-M PRO or a ASRock H77 Pro4-M for my cooler master elite 120 case... Thanks in advance!

The build i was going to make:

cpu: intel i5 3570
gpu: gtx 770
psu: corsair cx600v2 600w 80+

RAM: corasair value select ddr3 1600 pc-12800 8GH cl9
case: cooler master elite 120
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    The motherboard resolution support is only relevant if you are using the on board video of the 3570 and the motherboards video output.

    Because you are using a GTX 770 as your video card and therefore will be using it's video outputs one of which, I'd presume, supports 1440p.
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