AMD FX4300 with Sapphire HD7770 GHZ edition laggy

Hi. I have an AMD FX4300 cpu overclocked to 400mhz and an Sapphire HD7770 GHZ graphics card. I have 4GB or ram. 1TB hardrive and the motherboard is Asus M5A78LMUSB3. My PSU is a 550 watts.
Certain games run well like Far Cry 3 on High settings but others struggle.
Tomraider runs well on medium apart from big open spaces where it lags.
Metro 2033 is very laggy and unplayable even on low settings. The same with Colonial Marines.
I used to have an AMD FX4100 and replaced it with the FX4300 but it did not make a difference.
I am using Windows 8. My ram does not get anywhere near full only half way and the CPU doesnt max out either. I have read the graphics card should easily cope and is a pretty good one. I would have thought the FX4300 cpu would have been ok too.
I have also updated the graphics drivers and my motherboard is also up to date.
I am not going to change over to intel so has anyone got any advice on why a lot of games are laggy and other games seem to be ok?
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  1. Because some games are harder to run then others. For one the 7770 is not a high end card at all its low end and for 2 your cpu is not the best for gaming either. Whyt did you upgrade from a 4100 to a 4300 if you would have asked anyone would have told you it wouldnt be noticable. Maybe if you went up to a 8350 or a 6350 you would have notice a decent change but even then its not going to be huge. To get the best in increased fps get a better graphics card like a 7870 or a 7950
  2. Thanks. I will have a look at those 2 graphics cards. So you think just upgrading to one of those cards will make a pretty good noticable difference?
    Someone offered to buy my FX4100 for the exact price I bought it for so I thought why not and could only afford a CPU at the time that was slightly better. I thought I would go for the 4300 as it is piledriver and not bulldozer and I have heard a lot of problems with bulldozer technology. Also I can overclock it a bit higher. I didnt think I would notice a big improvement but I got a good price for the chip. I didnt want to spend more money on anything like a 6 core or 8 core as read the games will not use the extra cores and if anything can degrade performance if you dont disable the extra cores. I see lots of people have 6GB ram and 8GB ram but I know that will not help with current games as most games will not need more than 4GB? Is that true?
    Anyway I wll check out those 2 cards you mentioned. Funny thing is I have read a lot of people use the 7770 and runs as smooth as anything with Tombraider on high.
  3. The games you play will not need more then 4gbs of ram yeah thats true. And the people that are running it smoothley probably have good I5 builds either 2500k overclocked or 3570k's
  4. Just an extra point, I get a much higher FPS on Tombraider than a friend of mine who has an i7 but his runs really smooth with no problems so its weird a higher fps does not mean it runs better in this case.
  5. ah ok. Thanks Firo
  6. nicknickuk said:
    Just an extra point, I get a much higher FPS on Tombraider than a friend of mine who has an i7 but his runs really smooth with no problems so its weird a higher fps does not mean it runs better in this case.

    Then he has an old I7 or you have a better graphics card then he does. I7's are not goo for gaming I5's are alot better multithreading isnt suppourted in games which is the only differance between the two. Sounds like he has a 1st generation I7 to me
  7. He said his was an entry level i7. His games run much smoother than mine and he plays them all in high settings like metro and tombraider. I just looked at those 2 cards you mentioned (HD7950 and HD7870) and got really good performance reviews but blimey they are expensive! I think im gonna have to look for a 2nd hand one on ebay!
  8. And you never mentioned what resolution you or your friend is playing at. The 7770 will do fine in 1366x768, but not so much at 1920x1080.
  9. 1366x768 is the res we use and even when I use 1024 it is still pants.
  10. Hi. Just an update. I had 4 GB of ram which I mentioned earlier but I have upgraded to 12 GB of ram because I needed to install a vmware lab for my studies. I tried the games again since upgrading the ram and it has solved the problem! All my games play as smooth as anything with no lag.
    Means I do not need to upgrade my graphics card now :-)
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