DDR2 processor in DDR3 mother board

Hello,I currently have a DDR2 mother board and i am thinking to buy a new one may be a DDR3 or DDR4.So i want to know whether my processor would be compitable with the new one or will i have to buy a new processor in that case.I currently have intel core2duo 2.9ghz.
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  1. check the motherboard maker website to see if the processor is supported.
  2. In all likelihood, you will not be able to use your C2D CPU in a more modern motherboard. To verify, each manufacturer provides a list of compatible CPUs for their motherboards. Simply look up the make and model of motherboard you are considering and look at the associated support website for CPU compatibility.

    Good luck!
  3. Ddr4 isn't even out yet, probably won't be til next year. I hope you aren't mixing it up with gddr (graphics card ram) which is irrelevant when it comes to compatibility. There is really no point in getting a new mobo just for new ram. Your cpu is what will hold you back. The ram speed hardly affects anything.
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