CTA Assault Rifle Controller work for PC?

I'm wondering if the CTA Assault Rifle controller will work on PC as it connects through a USB reciever to the PS3 anyways. I'm making a gun controller that will work with the Oculus Rift, and already have my phone set to use as the gyro aiming, just need a gun to mount it on that has the movement analog as well as other controls. I could just re wire my gamepad into an airsoft gun, but this way I can show people on YouTube how to easily do it themselves without spending $150-$200 on the up coming Delta Six.
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  1. It'll be a project cause it isn't meant to be a PC controller, but with a little technical engineering you should be able to turn anything into a controller. I know a guy who turned an Altoids tin into an NES controller for PC.
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