upgrade video card for gaming and photo editing on 8300

I am looking to upgrade my XPS8300 video card to GTX560ti. Is this a good choice for photo editing and gaming (Diablo 3). And I also trying to make it as a Hackintosh. I am currently having a 6450 on my XPS8300.
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  1. What is your motherboard? That is the most important factor when building a hackintosh.
    That GPU will (probably) be fine for a hackintosh (GeForce 500 series is supported by Mac OS), but you must make sure that your motherboard qualifies.
  2. I believe is a Intel H67 Express Chipset. I was wondering if this motherboard support usb3?
  3. I'll need a bit more info than that to determine if it has USB 3.0, I'm afraid.
    More specifically, motherboard manufacturer and model (chipset is not model) :P
    EDIT: Intel H67 chipset supports hackintosh, supposedly. Therefore, you should be fine :P
    EDIT 2: It only supports USB 2.0. Sorry :(
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    To answer your original question, yes, the GTX 560 ti will be fine for photo editing and some gaming. Nothing too hardcore like Far Cry 3 or Crysis 3 though :P
  5. Thank you so much. I forget to put that it also will be as CAD programming like solidworks and NX8.0 and do I need to change my PSU to fit the GPU?
  6. no worries, mate :D
    Yes, it will be fine for CAD programming.
    And nope, that PSU should be just fine at 460W, but you may need to upgrade it in the future when it starts to deteriorate in output. :P
  7. Thanks man!!
  8. just to add one thing, the 5xx series are actually faster in cuda accelerated programs like adobe premier
  9. Does it mean it run faster when using adobe software?
  10. only programs which can use cuda.. eg.. premier, any video converter etc.. not everything adobe
  11. I was looking for a higher performance GPU and it seems like the 660ti and 670 have pretty good performance. I was planned to build another one in the coming year, which one do you think is good to go with?
  12. Whichever one you can afford. The 660 ti uses less power than the 560 ti, whereas the 670 uses the same amount as the 560 ti.

    To be on the safe side though, I'd go for the GTX 660 ti.
  13. btw, which company are having better cooling performance ? as i saw the price range are vary from 350usd to 450usd and whats the difference between the 2gb version and 4gb version?
  14. a 4gb version of a GTX 660 ti would be useless. Just get the 2gb version. A GTX 660 ti is not powerful enough to utilise more than 2gb of RAM. Steer well clear of 4gb versions - they cost more for no improvement in performance.
    Also ensure that you get a GDDR5 version, not a DDR3 version.
  15. Oh....that's for the gtx 670! Sorry about that!! Thanks for your note!
  16. Same applies for the GTX 670. 4gb of RAM is useless for any card except the GTX Titan and the HD 7990.
  17. Thank you sir^^
  18. No worries, mate :D
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