Phantom 630 + Asus Maximus V Extreme

Will this case run the Asus Maximus V Extreme?

I noticed that on the description page on sites like NEwegg/Microcenter and all that, it only supports ATX/XL Atx. However, on the main NZXT site, it says it supports EATX boards.

Just wondering if this board will support the card.
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  1. There aren't many cases that support extended atx form factor motherboards such as the maximus. Here are a few. I would check out the first two links and if it were me I would get the Fractal Design Define XL R2 its the most reasonably priced followed by the Silverstone Raven. The mid tower 630 does not support it however the full tower phantom does.
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    I wouldn't worry about it. There's no real reason to buy an EATX form factor motherboard when you don't need to. They're incredibly expensive and they don't do anything that one 1/2 as much would.
  3. Agreed. Unless you are a heavy overclocker there isn't a reason to purchase a ASUS ROG board of a Gigabyte Sniper or UP7 board.
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